Collection of WMTS maptiles for Sarawak region

April 12, 2019 | category 👉 cartography, GIS, remote sensing, OpenStreetMap, mapbox

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A WMTS is an XML file, which is a standard protocol for serving pre-rendered or run-time computed georeferenced map tiles over the Internet.

Basically, WMTS request the capabilities, tile, featureinfo, or legend and return all the information into the map.

There a lot of WMTS service you can find in the Interent, but my interest is only for Sarawak region. So I write an XML capabilities to fetch various map tiles from it sources. The pre-rendered map tiles from difference sources such as Mapbox, OpenStreetmap, Carto, Strava and my own tiles has been added into the WMTS capabilities.

Copy this URL into your favourite GIS software, or fetch the URL to use it in your web mapping project.

Take a look at the snapshot of map tiles requested from WMTS. I hope this can help you in your project.

png Mapbox Satellite tiles ©️ Mapbox

png Mapbox Street tiles ©️ Mapbox

png OpenTopoMap tiles ©️ OpenTopoMap

png OpenStreetMap tiles ©️ OpenStreetMap

png Strava hotspot tiles ©️ Strava

png Customize tiles generated from Sarawak Geological Map. Data from Malaysia Mineral and Geoscience Department (JMG)

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